Brazil Wind Energy

August 26, 2012


Brazil Wind Power

Article by Sam Hopkins

Investors React to Brazil’s Phone for Aid

1000’s of middle-class Brazilians slept on subway station floors Tuesday night.

This was not a solidarity project to see what lifestyle is like for the homeless… It was the outcome of a blackout that hit 60 million Brazilians in 800 cities.

The set off? 3 – count ’em, Three! – transmission lines. Officials say torrential rain and thunderstorm situations caused the trio of large-voltage lines to simply collapse and in turn Itaipu, the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam, entirely broke down.

3 is the magic quantity that can evidently bring a single of the world’s prime emerging markets, enshrined in the BRIC pantheon with Russia, India, and China, into primitive darkness. 3 downed lines plunged the proud hosts of the 2014 Globe Cup and 2016 Olympics into literal obscurity.

This is a issue whose solution needs urgent investment.

I spent two weeks in Brazil this spring, chatting with people in corner cafes, speaking with businesspeople, and learning about the country’s ProInfa clean power infrastructure expansion plan exactly where international businesses are set to play a major part. Far more on ProInfa in a bit…

1st, I have to tell you that I have invested the past two days speaking to close friends of mine in Brazil, and reading through the accounts of other folks who e-mailed the neighborhood Portuguese-language press about their personal ordeals. Each story is heart-rending, and I tell you sadly that they are more reminiscent of terror attacks than of significant electrical power outages.

Stories from the Great Brazilian Blackout of 2009

In Rio, Alessandra told the newspaper O Globo how she and her brother set out for a evening on the town. Instead, they walked in total darkness down a subway tunnel alongside the soccer stadium that will host the Cup last in 4 many years. On arriving at the station, they waited hours longer with no water, meals, and the worst issue to lack in the course of a disaster… news.

Jose, who lives in the globe famous Copacabana seaside district, skilled both the psychological and technological reality of a sudden blackout. He commenced to hear “the shouts of men and women asking for support since they have been trapped in elevators, and cries of young children who have been afraid of the dark.”

Luckily, Jose had just turned off his personal computer when the lights commenced to flicker.

Nevertheless, numerous computer systems had been fried that night, destroying college work, music, and millions of dollars really worth of company info. I can inform you 1st-hand that even in the hillside favelas (as the slums in Rio are referred to as), there is a personal computer in practically each residence. Computer systems are a gateway to the globe for a rising middle class about the world, and the demise of a Pc can mean the death of a dream for students, artists, and others who saw a picture of a far better potential on their monitors.

Issues will not be standard for a while. Traffic signals have been nonetheless sending individuals at the incorrect time on Wednesday morning in Rio, leading to vehicle crashes and pointing to just one particular lingering price of the blackout.

Despite this nationwide infrastructure calamity, with all the money lost and Brazilians now terrified of what may possibly come about throughout the World Cup and Olympics, global investors haven’t lost self-confidence in Brazil.

Why the Lights Are Nevertheless Vibrant for Brazilian StocksThe broadest indicator that I follow is the iShares MSCI Brazil Index, which is listed as an exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the New York Stock Exchange. NYSE: EWZ has gained virtually 10% given that Monday, and the ETF barely dipped on the day following the power outage. EWZ rose by over 26% from mid-August to mid-November, virtually tripling the S&ampP 500 rally in excess of the exact same period.

And this brings us to a significant point you need to understand if you want to outperform U.S. stock averages like the Dow and S&ampP…

Traders are not bullish on China, Brazil, and other emerging markets despite their difficulties they’re bullish since options call for income. You get your auto repaired when some thing goes wrong, appropriate? You only put in the cash up to a point, of program, since the advantage of maintaining the thing operating has to outweigh the cost in the extended run.

Brazil is in urgent need to have of investment from each domestic and international sources, and Brazil will get the income it requirements. At the Renewable Vitality Finance Forum in Rio this spring, I met a lot of suits who had been licking their chops at the opportunity to place income into Brazil’s power infrastructure upgrades… and that was properly ahead of the Olympics had been awarded to Rio!

Most appetizing to everybody there was Brazil’s approaching auction of nationwide wind power permits. I told you about it back in April, but it seemed far off.

Now, the December 14 Brazilian wind power auction date is rapidly approaching, and dependence on hydroelectric generation has just brought on an emergency that has scarred citizens and leaders alike (seven million Sao Paulo residents also lost water services Tuesday night due to the dam failure). Brazilians shudder to feel about what would come about ought to a blackout of any dimension repeat in 2014 or 2016 when the sporting planet gathers in Brazil.

Brazil’s Approaching Wind Power Auction

ProInfa, the nationwide renewable vitality incentive campaign, will assist integrate 2 GW of wind vitality capacity at a price of about $ six billion by 2012. The businesses that get ahead in the December auction will have to move fast to get capacity up by 2014, which signifies more production, higher profile, and larger share price.

The New York Times cites Pedro Perreli of the Brazilian Wind Vitality Association’s amazement that all round, 441 proposals for over 13.3 gigawatts in Brazilian wind energy have come in already from businesses all above the globe. That more than doubles what government and nearby business officials anticipated!

Green Chip Worldwide readers are currently profiting from two Brazilian clean vitality and infrastructure stocks, and we’re watching the run-up to Brazil’s wind-only auction closely.

I’ll also be in Peru soon, visiting wind electrical power facilities and speaking with people with information of how these bargains get accomplished across South America.


Sam Hopkins

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From Colombia to Jordan and from Scotland to Japan, Sam has observed the international green scene create very first-hand.

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From Colombia to Jordan and from Scotland to Japan, Sam has noticed the worldwide green scene produce very first-hand.

Use and distribution of this report is subject to our Publisher Recommendations&#13
whereby the original author’s data and copyright should be incorporated.&#13

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