How Critical Clean LLC Provides Death Clean Up To The Midwest US

August 24, 2012

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How Critical Clean LLC Provides Death Clean Up To The Midwest US

Death clean up is a sensitive issue and in the past, there was no service that provided this critical cleaning to homeowners, landlords and law enforcement. With a professional death clean up service that works for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma, Midwest residence are not left with the aftermath of a tragedy, after the police leave the scene of the crime.

A crime scene cleaning company provides this service with trained and certified personnel, modern machinery and a compassionate approach to unfortunate circumstances. Midwesterners can rely on a crime scene cleaning company to restore their property and to remove the painful reminder of the incident.

A Service that is Skilled and Certified

Crime scene clean up is a dangerous job.

The technicians are routinely exposed to biohazards including blood and air-borne pathogens, bodily fluid and tissue. The cleaners also have to enter condemned buildings, car wrecks and properties that have had severe fire and water damage. Technicians are certified by: ABRA, IICRC, KDHR-RRP and EPA.  These certification bodies ensure that every technician is well trained when working with dangerous materials, know how to keep their customers safe, and how to completely disinfect a property.

In addition to certifications, the cleaning company should also be bonded and insured, OSHA blood-borne pathogen compliant and have many years experience in the industry. Hiring a service with these credentials guarantees that the cleanup will be safe, effective and adheres to health codes and standards.

Cleaners that Use State-of-the-art Equipment

To properly and completely rid the property of biohazards the cleaners should have specialty equipment to deal with the demands of this operation. Many crime scenes require odor removal services, and no ordinary cleaner will be able to handle the odors that can become permanently absorbed into carpeting and upholstery. A crime scene cleaning company uses specialty equipment such as:

• Commercial Grade Ozone Generators
• ULV Fogging Systems
• Anti-Microbial Cleaners
• Deodorizers

The source of the odors typically comes from: blood, urine, vomit, feces and organic decomposition. The crime scene cleaners are concerned with the permanent removal of these smells and odors, not covering them up temporarily. The technicians are trained to know how to locate the exact source of the odor and neutralize it.

3. Compassionate and Understanding Service

Crime scene cleaners will only arrive when they have been booked, and arrive as scheduled. The team enters the property discreetly and cleans the area without causing a disturbance or intruding on the inhabitants, who are beginning a difficult journey, dealing with a loss. The crime scene cleaners have backgrounds as paramedics and nurses, and know how to be considerate in a family’s time of mourning.

Critical Clean LLC provides death clean up services to: Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri. The team of technicians is trained and certified, and arrives on the scene with the technology to effectively clean up after a crime or accident, with a compassionate and considerate approach. Visit,

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