How to Decide on the Proper L-39 Instruction Course at the Jet Warbird Training Center

August 29, 2012

Training Courses

Training Courses

How to Choose the Appropriate L-39 Coaching Course at the Jet Warbird Training Center

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Any pilot that would like to discover how to fly a jet warbird aircraft can have the possibility at a coaching center the place they will discover a wide variety of programs to suit their targets and needs. 1 of the most common jets is the L-39 Albatros. The L-29 delivers a much more contemporary design and style than other jets in its class, blending Soviet-style simplicity with Czechoslovakian-type Western technologies. L-39 coaching is the ideal aircraft for aerobatic coaching, the jet transition course and upset recovery education. Deciding on the correct training program is a individual selection but mastering far more about the curriculum can assist any pilot with the assortment.

The Kinds of L-39 Training Courses Obtainable for Pilot Flight Training

3 of the most well-known jet warbird training courses are aerobatic instruction, the jet transition program and upset recovery education:


Aerobatic instruction embodies several of the qualities in a course that a pilot is seeking for such as: creating their ability, a newfound sense of freedom and agility, and flying a quick aircraft. Aerobatic training gives the pilot a likelihood to find out flashy aerial tricks such as:

Full Stall Series

Aileron Rolls

2 Point Rolls



Cuban 8’s


Barrel Rolls

It’s no surprise that this is one of the most well-liked training courses at the coaching center. It is enjoyable and the capabilities that are realized lengthen far beyond the tricks, in improved abilities on a sensible degree.

Jet Transition Instruction

This course is designed to educate piston pilots how to transition into jet aircraft flight. This curriculum requires the standard fundamentals and the possibility to fly the L-39 as often as the student likes. Pilots are provided with two of the best flight instructors at the education center who teach at the student’s expertise degree and pace. In this program, safety is priority and the instructors will offer students with the knowledge that they will require, to fly a jet aircraft with security in mind.

Upset Recovery Training

This course does not use simulators or a piston aircraft to create abilities. Upset recovery training is taught in an real L-39. This aircraft is excellent for demonstrating descending spirals and its higher wing loading provides superb stall demonstrations. This program contains:Flight one particular ground college education

Preflight short for the very first flight

Flight two ground college

Preflight brief for the second flight

Publish flight de-short

Despite the seriousness of this course the instructors make the curriculum exciting and function inside of each individual tolerance, by going farther or easing up, primarily based on the unique needs and demands of the student.

These L-39 training courses offer a range of coaching designs to suit the interests and certification wants of the personal student. Pilots that are uncertain in which to commence their instruction can inquire an instructor at the Jet Warbird Instruction Center, who will guide them toward the proper instruction path. For more details check out, jetwarbird.

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At the Jetwarbird Coaching Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, civilian pilots are qualified in the protected operation of fascinating aircrafts like Mig 15, Mig 17, Fouga and so forth. For more info please go to

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