How to Keep your vehicle safe from theft and save on Auto Insurance

December 15, 2015

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

How to Keep your vehicle safe from theft and save on Auto Insurance

The American police department record over 1 million stole vehicle yearly. Every 60 seconds, a vehicle is stolen. Cities like Laredo in Texas, Modesto, Bakefield, Fresno, and San Francisco all in California top the list of the Metropolitan Statistical Unit.

To be covered for theft, you need to purchase comprehensive coverage policy. Without this coverage, you will have to replace your vehicle all alone. Therefore, if you know replacing your vehicle will be too much of a responsibility to you, then get comprehensive coverage and be protected against theft.

Car theft is never a pleasant experience to anyone. Take steps to make sure your car is safe. Prevention is better than cure. It is better your car is prevented from being stolen than facing the rigours of the police and insurance claims.

Here are tips to keep your car safe from theft.

Make sure you lock your doors, and take your keys with you. When you lock your door, it deters criminals. If they have to steal it, they need to apply some force which may likely attract passerbys. Criminals avoid prying eyes.

Avoid dark corners because they are intruders delight. Light is enemy to criminals. Park your car in well-lit areas where a thief won’t fancy executing his criminal act.

In the morning before leaving home, don’t steam your car in your driveway unless you are sitting in it. A steaming unoccupied car can easily be driven away unnoticed. Be careful.

Install car alarm device in your car. When criminals notice your car is secured, they keep off. Always remember to put on the alarm when parked at parking lots and at nights in your home.

Purchase extra security features like clubs, steering wheel covers, tire locks, steering wheel and pedal locks, VIN etching, warning stickers or flashing lights. These might cause a thief to look for an easier target.

Install immobilizing device. These devices secure your vehicle and stop a thief from bypassing your ignition to start your car. You can place disablers on your fuel pumps to cut the supply of fuel to the engine and other theft foiling mechanism recommended by your technician.

Install a tracking device such as Gps.There are several tracking device in the market. Some of them can slow your vehicle down while being driven away by a thief or even stop it completely and help you locate wherever it is driven to.

Remember, every safety and security measure you take earns you discounts on insurance.

You can be ahead of criminals by ensuring your car is safe. It saves you the stress of police investigation, insurance claim application, financial implications and other psychological trauma.

If you are considering auto insurance, compare quotes of several insurers to save. This is the best method that gives the assurance to smile to the bank. Now, get started

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