Keep the Program with Worldwide Investing

August 28, 2012


Remain the Course with Global Investing

You require to remain the course with a balanced worldwide portfolio that seeks development and worth around the globe.&#13The global pull back in equity markets has rattled some traders and maybe made them think twice about a international technique to investing.

Let us place factors in standpoint. Even with the haircut in global markets, right here are the numbers.

During the last twelve months ending final Friday, eleven country-specific iShares that have a lot more than tripled the return of the S&ampP 500 index:

Brazil (EWZ), +63.8%, South Africa ( EZA), +55.9%, South Korea (EWY), +45.8%, Canada (EWC), +43.2%, Austria (EWO),, Japan (EWJ), +40.9%, China (FXI), 40.four%, Germany (EWG), +32.2%, Switzerland (EWL), +29.3%, Sweden ((EWD), +29% and Australia (EWA) +25.9%.

The worst country iShare performer for the duration of the last 12 months was Taiwan (EWT) with a return of +15.3%!

Right here are the 2006 year-to-date numbers for markets that have returned much more than double the 2006 S&ampP 500 performance – not to mention that the Nasdaq index is in negative territory.

China, +20.6%, Brazil, +17.9%, Austria,, Germany, +15.4%, United Kingdom, +14.3%, Sweden, +13.8%, Canada, +12.7%, Switzerland, +11.9%, Australia, +ten.6%, Australia, +ten.six%, Singapore, +ten.four% and Malaysia, +ten%

The worst nation iShare performer in 2006 was South Korea at plus three.19%!

And even people nations hit rather difficult recently such as India and Indonesia are nonetheless up 7.two% and 23.5%, respectively, so far in 2006.

Now some of you might have invested in these markets only not too long ago, did not have danger management steps in location this kind of as trailing halt losses in location, or maybe did not have a good blend of these countries in your portfolio.

If you still want to handle your portfolio all by oneself, please take a look at my 8 actions to ETF good results (John, please insert link). If you think you need to have some support in constructing your portfolios, you may possibly want to comply with our six model portfolios and get updates and assistance on markets all all around the world.

Or perhaps you would rather turn over the management of your portfolio to an investment advisor specializing in international markets and ETFs. Worldwide Trends Investments, primarily based in Newport Seashore, California, uses ETFs to create customized portfolios with a worldwide point of view and a constant sell discipline.

Regardless of whether you choose to go it alone, use the Chartwell ETF International Advisor, or would be very best served by hands on specialist investment management, remain the course in building a global portfolio to improve the likelihood of reaching your economic goals.

Carl T. Delfeld

President &amp Publisher Chartwell Partners


Carl has over twenty many years of knowledge in the international investment organization with a sturdy background in Asia.

• Writer of global investor primer “The New International Investor”

• President of the international investment advisory firm Chartwell Partners

• Publisher of the Chartwell Advisor ETF Report and Asia-Pacific Growth

• Columnist on international investing with Forbes Asia: “Worldwide Gambits”

• Former U.S. Representative to the Executive Board of Asian Development Bank

• Chairman of the worldwide financial method think tank ChartwellAmerica

• Asian professional with the U.S. Joint Economic Committee and the U.S. Treasury

• Former member of the U.S. Asia Pacific Financial Cooperation Committee

• Former investment executive with Robert Baird &amp Firm and UBS

• Graduate of the Fletcher College of Law &amp Diplomacy with economics scholarship from U.S.-Japan Friendship Commission

• Exchange student at Sophia University, Japanese Ministry of Education Fellow at Keio University

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